A catholic and protestant response

Members of this group ranged from the clerics to lay people. But why end the discussion there? There are some real problems with the things you said.

For example, Jesus, nor any of the apostles ever taught that Aramaic, Greek, Latin or Hebrew were the only languages allowed to represent scripture. Jesus, the God man, is the only human who ever truly had infallibility in any way.

Our president, Bill Bright, could have been irate over it.

Some Protestant Responses to Catholic Claims

So Protestants are at risk, with leaders like Bill Hybels and Andy Savage falling into sin to varying degrees of severity. For years and years they supported priests in their ongoing crimes. John of Damascus, "the bread and wine are visible symbols of a spiritual reality.

King Phillip of Spain together with the king of France and the holy roman emperor Charles waged a decade long campaign against Protestants in counties like Belgium Netherland and England but still they were unsuccessful.

I ask you to join me and many others as we pray for the Catholic Church. Those explosions just went nuclear. To be infallible, in the theological context, means that one cannot teach doctrinal error. Christians also need to allow the presence of God to dwell in their lives.

The reformers posited that salvation is a gift of God i. Well, my question to you is this: If a group of people who never had heard the Gospel were to come into possession of a Bible in a language they could read, they could of course come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ without the pedigree and would then become part of the Church.

Here are some collected thoughts on the subject. Ferrer Toggle Sidebar April 25, Some Protestant Responses to Catholic Claims I normally avoid internal disputes within the Christian Church, preferring instead to direct my efforts towards challenges from outside the church.

Paul Thigpen Paul Thigpen is an award-winning journalist and the best-selling author of forty-four books. They further explained that we are are made clean by our faith in Christ Jesus and not by our good work.

“Faithful Succession”: Protestant Responses to Apostolic Succession

Studied Catholic apologists may counter with an idealistic church teaching which asserts parity between the Holy See and Scripture.

They disagreed with one another concerning the presence of Christ and his body and blood in Holy Communion. Even Peter had Paul had doctrinal differences on occasion!

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But what are we saved for? Why did God create us in the first place? Said another way, these denominations would all agree with the statement in the email that Christ has only one Church. Either way, it will take you about 10 seconds. I pray for the watching world, that they would still know that there is a loving, holy, good God in heaven who will execute justice and who still offers them eternal life in Christ.


What, for a Christian, is the pillar and ground of the truth, Jeff? The counter reformist, the Roman Catholic Church delayed but it was forced to respond to the protestant.One thing, though, before we jump into it, after you read through Jeff the Protestant's response, but before you read my answer to it, take a moment to think about what is missing in what this particular Protestant had to say, to see if you can put your finger on the one big glaring problem with his response.

A Catholic and Protestant Response In chapters four and five of Six Theories of Justice, a concept of justice is defined within the Catholic tradition and through a Protestant alternative.

Protestant Responses to Roman Catholicism 1) A Summary Point: Perhaps the single best word to summarize the divide between Catholics and Protestants is “ authority.” And this disagreement matters a great deal. The protestant reformation was a period in the16 th when some Christian broke away from the Roman Catholic Church.

These marked the beginning of a new religious movement which laid more emphasis on the importance of the bible and that salvation could only be given to a human beings by God and not through the Continue reading "Catholic response to the Protestant.

The Protestant Achilles' Heel. Tim Staples. March 21, The Protestant Response. Catholics certainly agree that the Holy Spirit guided the early Christians to canonize the Scriptures because the Catholic Church teaches that there is an authoritative Church guided by the Holy Spirit.

Which Church is THE Church? A Protestant Response...

The obvious problem is my Protestant. Catholic Churches Effect on Protestant Reformation The Catholic Reformation began before and was characterized by renewed spiritual fervor.

Catholic Reformation Pope Clement VII was far more interested in luxuries than the violent disputes during the Protestant Reformation in Germany.


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A catholic and protestant response
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