Create a monster writing activity sheets

The activity can be adapted for other language disciplines as well. It is also a good way to teach description and characterization. Who had time or inclination to deal with monsters create a monster writing activity sheets there was work to be done, friends to have drinks with and love to pursue?

Keen pointed ears one brown bearlike claw ten feet tall Malicious grin muscular torso of a bull feet of a bear scaly complexion thick, lizard like forehead one green claw Nauseous green muscular legs needle sharp pale green fangs Head of demon mammoth arms Personality Vicious, demonic, bloodthirsty, coldhearted, terrifying, murderous cunning Actions and abilities Sneaks up on victims sucks their blood runs faster than a cougar.

One person will be the spokesperson After a few minutes each group is asked to share their pet with the rest of the class. How does that person feel about the monster? How the group felt about it, what they learned, etc.

I have found it a good way to encourage conversation and collaboration. The loneliness made her sick and pale. Each person can be responsible for writing 2 or 3 sentences and passing it around the group until it is completed to their satisfaction.

Each member of the class is assigned a particular part of the body Arms, legs, head, trunk, --only parts that are suitable to be presented in class, please The group will then put the monster together and discuss description. Show your create a monster writing activity sheets and read your description to the class 15 minutes II.

In an advanced foreign language classroom, one can review future conditional and subjective verbs. She had food in the fridge, dishes in the drying rack and dress pants pressed.

You may use any of the magazines to create a "cut and paste" monster, or you may use crayons and draw your monster. In the composition or creative writing class, it can be a fill-in activity, or a creative writing activity. Share your drawing and description with the class: You must also create a reason for the monster to exist.

But in this world, the narrator has a life and problems and so does the rest of the world that existed before the monster arrives. It will also give some the opportunity to put their artistic talent to work. In a group situation no more than in a group, pleaseeach member is to consider one aspect of the animal.

Once the beast has rendered the poor soul helpless, he roars in victory, ferociously rips the skin from his prey with his large bear claws, sinks his needlelike fangs deep into its neck and sucks the very lifeblood out of the unfortunate quarry.

Tiene cara verde y dientes puntos y grandes como el tigre. One member can list physical characteristics, another its personality traits and a third can list its abilities and possible actions.

Watch how the story clearly answers this first question in the opening paragraph: Every day on the way to work, she passed people more unfortunate than she, and she knew if she stopped for a second, she would become a part of them, hungry all the time.

After Bumblebee went to sleep and the boyfriend was sent on his way, her apartment smelled empty and her sheets were cold. Las brazos son verdes y rojos. Smith No me gusta este monstruo. If you begin by focusing on Conflict A, then Conflict A will always be present in the story unless you stumble upon a better conflict; in that case, throw out Conflict A and switch to Conflict B.

One can use it to encourage conversation in the target language in a group situation, and even allow students to apply their art skills. Able to run faster than any animal. Good luck and have fun! So, what kind of monster is it? Is the world under siege by monsters?

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She had just put her dog to sleep because of his eye tumors. Each person may be take turns or one person can be assigned to write down the description as decided by the group, another may be asked to draw the animal as it is described.

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His massive, hairy red and green torso resembles that of a giant bull. Magazine or clip-art pictures can also be used. Las manos y las piernas cafes son como las del oso pardo.

She told him he was mistaken, that she was not his mother, and then she helped him pack his things, fed him lunch and kissed him good-bye. Or, if the group is fairly responsible, two can dictate ideas, and one can write the paragraph based on the discussion. If the world is a stage full of roles that people must play, which roles are being played by your character?

Why has the monster appeared to this character at this time? One may come up with the physical characteristics-the head of a lion, the feet of a duck, etc.This pink monster story starter is designed to spark some fun creative writing what on earth will happen next?

Create a Monster

I tried feeding her ice-cream, peanut butter sandwiches and even the cold chicken drumsticks I found in the fridge, but. Using the planning sheets, students can create their own monster and monster story.

This is a great way to use a mentor text as a writing prompt or story idea generator. This is a great way to use a mentor text as a writing prompt or story idea generator. This adorable Build A Monster Printable Kit is a fun art project to do with your little ones! All you need are office supplies and some imagination!

Skip to primary navigation. The students are instructed to create a monster in a paragraph or even a short story. This activity allows students to work with new vocabulary.

It is also a good way to practice using verbs and adjectives in Spanish, as well as giving students the opportunity practice writing basic sentences and simple paragraphs.

Oct 24,  · How To Create A Monster – Roleplay Together - October 24, Ali Simpson’s story “The Monster” is a terrific example of this kind of character. The story was first published at The Southampton Review and reprinted at Electric Literature.

-Monster Story Writing Paper This is a perfect activity for the Halloween season or any other time you want to add a little fun and creativity to your students’ writing. The final drafts would make a super cute bulletin board display!4/5(29).

Create a monster writing activity sheets
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