Describe prison systems in foreign countries

The program, which is scheduled to end in June, has resulted in the adoption of a new national strategy on penal reform and the construction of new bath and laundry facilities.

Another big problem worldwide is the continued reliance, even in the richest countries, on what HRW describes as "old, antiquated and physically decaying prison facilities.

Six Charts that Explain Why Our Prison System Is So Insane

Yet nothing here feels unfair or unreasonable. In earlythe ICRC conducted a pilot visit to places of detentions in Burma and plans to conduct additional visits to help the government improve the treatment of detainees and conditions of detention. The two men were subsequently sent to Ambatololma Prison.

This, in our view, warrants country-specific approaches for addressing them. Getty Images The Nordic model: In some countries, INL sends advisors to work to improve local prison systems.

In a bit of sleazy irony, some products are exported to Third World countries, such as Trinidad, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic. But the leading violent crime that lands blacks in prison is robbery, while the leading violent crime for whites is rape or sexual assault.

The goal of the academy is to help the National Prison Service of South Sudan deal with one of its most pressing challenges — the development of competent and capable corrections officers and managers.

An estimated 78 percent of all prisoners in Liberia were pre-trial detainees and while the average length of pre-trial detention varied, in some cases the length of pre-trial detention exceeded the maximum length of sentence that could be imposed for the alleged crime.

U.S. Department of State

In North Korea, political detainees are routinely subjected to systematic physical and psychological mistreatment. Conclusion As this report has demonstrated, the problems faced by persons in detention are expansive in both their nature and geography.

Defenders of the highly punitive American prison would argue that the Nordic attitude toward prisons in general is naive in its assumption that prisoners can be treated as normal humans who can improve.

Meanwhile, the European Union has made the abolition of capital punishment a precondition for membership. The total prison population in was 76, and about 1, died of tuberculosis in They are found in developed as well as developing countries around the world.

In Italy, for example, in66, inmates were held in prisons designed to hold 47, people. Many reports accuse the government in Laos of torturing prisoners and denying them medical care.

The United Nations Peacekeeping is active in protecting the rights of prisoners.

In Bad Company

This approach has also allowed corrections professionals from the United States to tour other prisons located throughout the world. As usual, the US is in bad company. This training includes a full range of programs, from effective and humane prisoner classification models to instruction in emergency management and response.

Positive practices undertaken by governments include: As you review the following information compare and contrast the various systems and note any similarities and differences.

Awareness and communication among countries have allowed corrections personnel from other countries to visit United States corrections systems to tour facilities and attend meetings to discuss best practices.

You have, after all, committed a crime serious enough to make a range of other remedies untenable. The Human Rights Reports now include specific subsections on prisons that cover physical conditions, administration, monitoring, as well as what steps, if any, countries are taking to improve prison conditions.

In these countries, INL provides corrections management training, advisory support, capacity building, equipment and infrastructure assistance, and facilitates assistance for vulnerable incarcerated populations. At least Political Prisoners [that we know of] are currently incarcerated in Burmese Prisons.

Observers expected this court session to alleviate some prison overcrowding. This remains the only international or regional mechanism specifically devoted to prison conditions. NGOs on areas of mutual concern surrounding prison reform. Since INL launched its first bilateral corrections program with Iraq init has undertaken prison-related initiatives in more than 25 countries.

In Cuba, for instance, despite the fact that the law presumes defendants to be innocent until proven guilty, authorities often place the burden on the defendant to prove innocence rather than on the prosecution to prove guilt.

Sweden's Remarkable Prison System Has Done What the U.S. Won't Even Consider

In many countries, where police lack the resources, experience, or capacity to formally investigate or prosecute criminal conduct, the use of abusive physical or psychological acts are the traditional means for extorting confessions. Seven of the ten, furthermore, are in the South. In town you carry an electronic anklet.Aug 15,  · There are well overpeople in state and federal prison for drug offenses, but only in federal prison do they make up a majority of the inmates.

Most of those in state prison are there for violent crimes like murder, assault, and robbery. The prison system in America ensures Constitutional rights and humane treatment, not guaranteed in the prison systems of foreign countries.

If the United States were to adopt a different prison system, there are no genuine answers if it would be beneficial or detrimental toward the war on crime that exists in this nation. Execution of children, sub-human prison conditions, sexual abuse of women prisoners, the economic exploitation of prisoners, brutal incarceration of refugees-these are some of the human rights violations for which the US regularly takes the moral high ground and condemns other countries.

But since. Scandinavian prisons are roughly as racially and ethnically homogeneous as American prisons: 70 percent of Nordic prisoners are ethnically white citizens; the other 30 percent are foreign-born (mostly from other EU countries).

Report on International Prison Conditions Prepared by: U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor Submitted in compliance with: Section (a) of the Department of State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Appropriations Act of (Div.

Describe Prison Systems In Foreign Countries. corrections serve a vital role in the balance of criminal justice system in America. The prison system in America ensures Constitutional rights and humane treatment, not guaranteed in the prison systems of foreign countries.

Describe prison systems in foreign countries
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