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All of these may not be related to a film seen, thus placing importance to authenticity of factors causing tourists to visit destinations. Though this research concentrates on how film marketing activities can promote tourism, it should be understood that, marketing activities market the film, which depict destination scenery and attributes and in particular circumstances destination marketers cooperate with film commission and government departments to encourage film studios perform film tourism marketing activities.

Since this research deals partly with film tourism marketing activities and their influence on increasing tourist numbers in Tanzania, findings of this thesis are expected prove or disprove this assumption.

Serendipitous, general and specific film tourists Table, 1. Said otherwise, film actors may motivate tourists to visit a place. Sometimes called destination marketing activities Hudson and Ritchie, film tourism marketing activities have a bearing impact on growth of tourism sectors.

Thus, traditional tourists visit places for several reasons such as travel costs, beauty of scenery, infrastructures and story told by a friend, news heard on radio etc. Lastly, it may be that a film star or personality has been showcased on a TV or film that has moved a tourist to travel to a tourist destination The result of film tourism marketing activities as explained in Macionis, is an increased motivation to a tourist Hudson and Ritchie, Brochures and televising are options to achieve this goal.

Beeton defines it as a seek for landscapes, people, experiences and fantasies portrayed through films. What do the tourists desire to perform when they arrive at a film destination?

The impact of a storyline performance could be explained as an escape from the real world and living through a vicarious experience seen on a movie or need to be part of another storyline as part of tourist fantasy. It could be around many film marketing activities such as announcement of location being shot or publicity of film stars on world stations there by revealing and publicizing locations around which the film was shot Hudson and Ritchie The Independent Moving Pictures Company promoted their "picture personalities", including Florence Lawrence and King Baggotby giving them billingcredits and a marquee.

In our Oldupai Gorge portrayal, the narrator tried to convince his customers by telling them that, they will not regret to visit Oldupai which is a cradle of human evolution.

Film marketing activities are pull factors and are many ranging from support for film studios by destination marketers to encouraging tourist centres and governments to support or sponsor film studios in different forms such as offering tax grants, giving direct financial support to film makers or encouraging and allowing film makers to film in tourist destinations.

Within weeks of premiere, visitors eager to see the dinners, wineries and hoteliers used in the film purchased 10, copies of the guide Cherwin, in Hudson and Ritchie c Guided Tours and Film Walks These are publications of tourist sites and how to arrive at them following achievements after publishing a film.

This research used the AIDA theory along with theory travel motivations and semiotic theories as a theoretical base for hypothetical- deductive knowledge building in this thesis. In some countries ministries of tourism act as soon as they receive a script. In the latter, the researcher was interested to find out factors that motivated them to travel Place, Performance or personality.

An important strategy is having a certain segment of customers as a target. Development of movie maps should go hand in hand with communication of the same to the masses.

Research has found that, there is success of some destinations that have encouraged film producers in order to PR their regions or countries Smateera, The model is used for describing hierarchy of events and can be used to explain stages that customers use starting with awareness to achieve their purchasing decisions Hudson et al; Britain targets Bollywood films to place Britain tourist destinations in their films Hudson and Ritchie Another important strategy is to hire public relations firms to market films.

Additional business activities can be created though film tourism can in turn encourage the extension and strengthening of a visitor reason Hudson and Ritchie Publicists thus "created" the "enduring images" and public perceptions of screen legends such as Judy GarlandRock HudsonMarilyn Monroeand Grace Kelly.

Their model includes among other things film tourism marketing activities. According to Li and Yuas the customer passess through the AIDA steps till he takes action to purchase a product or service, each step has the tendency of decreasing customers in such that, at the end only few, the ones who make purchasing decisions remain.

That visiting of Odupai Gorge, will not only provide visitors with ritualistic satisfaction but also fulfil the desire to see wild animals surrounding the gorge.

Push factors are those that induce a tourist to travel to certain destinations such as sunshine, sea, animals, scenery, mountains and rivers.

It triggered wonderful media coverage at home and overseas leading to people of the world discovery of British places and consequent increase of tourist visitations Dimitrios in Hudson and Ritchie History of Film: Film Distribution Essay There were many changes in marketing and distribution of films from end of the silent period to the modern digital period.

There was a studio system that existed at the end of the silent period and.

Analysis of the Star Wars Films. Print Reference this. Published: 16th pointing to the stars with Princess Leia kneeling at his feet clutching a blaster as depicted on the cover of the movie Star wars IV: a New Hope.

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The AMA takes a look at Star Wars marketing through the years. The first Star Wars film is released. In its earliest iterations, Star Wars was a marketing machine. The movie was co-promoted with Burger King through commercials and merchandising Star.

This free Media essay on Film tourism activities is perfect for Media students to use as an example. more than CDN $ 60, were invested to co-brand Yukon and Canadian travel destinations with Film distribution in Europe.

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In Tunisia, tourists still use a hotel used as a childhood home for film star Luke Skywalkers in the film Shirley.

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