Microcontroller based telephone exchange system

The eight telephones are connected to the switching devices and common line. When the phone is on-hook no DC current actually flows.

Effectively, the aspects that distinguish a PBX from a hybrid key system are the amount, scope and complexity of the features and facilities offered. When the phone is in the off-hook state receiver has been picked up the required voltage is 12V DC.

The first unit supplies the DTMF decoder units and the microcontroller with a fairly stable five volts 5V. The microcontroller in all ramifications, meet the requirements of the project design in terms of both software flexibility and compatibility.

In this paper, there are three kinds of power supply: If the caller phone is on-hook in any state, the state must be idled and if the time is out, the busy tone will be heard. The microcontroller uses RB0 bit to scan 25HZ ringing signal. The most common power supply connecting for the controller is 5V zener diode voltage regulator.

A PBX differs from a key telephone system KTS in that users of a key system manually select their own outgoing lines on special telephone sets that control buttons for this purpose, while PBXs select the outgoing line automatically, or formerly, by an operator.

The author is with the Ministry of Science and Technology corresponding author to provide phone: RB2 is used to control the ring relay. If there is invalid code or invalid phone number or idle called phone or self call, busy tone will be heard.

High AC impedance O: So two transistors turn on alternately. This is said to be called the idle voltage. When the number is correct, the call progress starts. When an incorrect code is sent, the system does not perform any switching action.

It offers the features available in much more expensive PBX units without using high-priced phones. Hybrid key telephone system[ edit ] Into the 21st century, the distinction between key systems and PBX systems has become increasingly blurred.

Battery - 48V central office battery supplies DC loop current about 40 ma to energize the voice transmitter and the outgoing signal circuit.

The large value of the capacitor is needed to filter the ripple voltage according to charging and discharging actions. PBX services had always been hard to arrange for smaller companies, and many[ quantify ] companies realized that handling their own telephony was not their core competence.

The telephone exchange system needs is a DTMF detection system.

Design and Construction of Microcontroller- Based Telephone Exchange System

Also this wheelchair is a type of robot which can take sharp turnings towards left and right directions. The Microcontroller Pin diagram of microcontroller system is as shown in Figure With a 5V supply and 22nF capacitors, the oscillation frequency will be in the low audio range.

InPhiladelphia was the last major area to give up dual service rotary and button [2]. It also provides many other facilities in operating the wheelchair. The result achieved in this process is actually a move away from the manual mode of switching to that of automation.This is a very small telephone exchange attached only two ordinary Tele phones.

Fully bi-directional facility with an intercom system. When a phone is in off hook condition, Exchange will detect it & send ringing pulse to other phone.

Voice controlled wheelchair

When it will be picked up, the connection will be established. This paper demonstrates design and construction of microcontroller-based telephone exchange system and the aims of this paper is to study telecommunication, connection with PIC16FA and DTMF MTD. In microcontroller system, PIC 16F microcontroller is used to control the call processing.

Dial. Microcontroller based projects. Engineering Projects; 89c Microcontroller At Based Line Follower Robot Project EPABX System (Telephone Exchange) Projects Model This fill duplex multi-function EPABX System for 6. A telephone exchange system is useful for a bank or brokerage house speech system or the like, which can accommodate a large number of lines.

It features internal calls without getting changed, because calls are routed internally. The microcontroller-based telephone exchange system is designed and built by both hardware and software controlled.

In this system. MICROCONTROLLER-BASED MULTIPORT COMMUNICATION SYSTEM FOR DIGITAL ELECTRICITY METERS BEŞTEPE, Fırat sufficient telephone exchange instead of using one dedicated line for each meter system in Figure – but materialized by the implemented multi-port device.

Microcontroller based telephone exchange system
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