Modern education system a burden

The sole aim is information, not knowledge.

The downfall of the “Modern Education System” – A brief perspective!

Every student was educated in a different way. It focuses on understanding a topic, not cramming it. Both the types of education have their own place and importance. On the other hand, when children are allowed to think of their own ways of learning the concepts, they will tend to remember them longer and apply them appropriately since they are their own ideas.

The understudies had an inclination to a particular occupation, or varna character, which was characteristic in their genes or nature. Teachers should obviously not be held accountable for the excessively heavy burden on students. People thought that the modern education was not good for their children as they did not teach about the religions or traditions and customs.

Modern education is inherited from the traditional education. Many theories came up. Right from the childhood, it is fed into the minds of tiny tots that the only thing that they should know is that they are going to be a doctor, engineer, IAS and so on.

The student did not get much exposure as he was under the tutelage of a single Guru. Contact Author The prison cell of "modern" education Source Disclosure: Now this should not be mistaken with spreading the word.

Gurukul Education System In ancient India, education was imparted through the gurukul system.


It is serious stuff. These have helped the students in grasping better knowledge through visual aids that help in increasing retention. They were taught about the religions the followed.

We can say that the modern education is just a new version or the up gradation of the traditional education.

Modern Education System-a Burden

The new theories of mathematics were formulated which became important to be taught to the children, the education curriculum started including these theories in them. As soon as, he is admitted to a school, he comes under the scanner and is continuously evaluated on the basis of one parameter or the other.

The in-built intelligence goes in vain. In addition to promoting freedom, the American educational system also fosters creativity among its students. With the use of science and technology in the teaching methods, education has become all the way more fun, easy and interesting for the students.

This was also the time when science and technology were starting to grow more. They would volunteer to reduce schoolwork pressure on students if the rate of admission into higher schools can be scrapped, or at least the rate can be delinked from their performance and to the rankings of schools where they work.

Both the type of the educations is equally important. This inclination was not an outside burden on them, so in this way, it was extremely common for them to take after this pre-arranged framework.

Mainly, population explosion has put an overwhelming weight on its available infrastructure and resources. Our education system ranks both us and itself at every chance it gets in order to let us know that most of us are unsuccessful and not part of the the top.

We have to preserve our culture for the future generation. But due to modern education, traditional education is being neglected which would result in losing our culture.

In the same way, it is equally important to catch up with the world in terms of the modern developments which are occurring today.

We just need to recognize the deficiencies and start addressing them. Modern education is required to stay in touch with the whole world and to see what is happening in the world. The Wrong Public Mindsets are Perpetuated by this System Our educational system is based on assigning ranks to everything.

But with the increasing importance of modern education traditional education is being overlooked which is wrong.

The scenario of education which now is totally different from the scenario which was a few years back. This describes the importance of modern education. The environment given to the student ensured he would turn into an artisan or an accomplished person in his field of interest.

The Scenario Now and Then:Oct 09,  · Modern education need complete new curs, less theory, much more praxis, learn practical everyday skills, and it must be shortened. Not to mention that every day on this planet about young people (15 - 24 years old) commits suicide, by one Research in UK from 70% becouse of "academic stress".Reviews: Nov 09,  · The follow up to #Equality, Modern Educayshun delves into the potential dangers of a hypersensitive culture bred by social media and political correctness.


Traditional Education Vs Modern Education

Jan 26,  · Personally, I am COMPLETELY DISGUSTED with the US education system. Most my friends are facing a lifetime of debt to earn a degree which doesn't earn them enough money to make a decent living.

Is Gurukul System Of Education Better Than Modern Education System?

I have absolutely no interest in supporting this monstrosity and have no further plans to go back to school. Neither the education about the sciences we study today in a great detail is imparted in the traditional education system. Traditional education system basically included the knowledge about customs, traditions, and religions.

Traditional Education vs. Modern Education. Is home work really a burden? Is Internet a Boon or Bane for Students? Essay #1: Education REVISION When it comes to education, many people automatically have a negative reaction; especially when discussing the United States’ educational system.

Whether it is grade school or a higher education, most people would agree that something needs to be changed. Modern education in comparison to Gurukul system of education only concentrates on marks and exams.

It is merely about scoring well in exams and not in life. Modern system of education does not focus on moral and ethical values unlike Gurukul education.

Modern education system a burden
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