Nature of sales promotion

Second, the scope and the loose borderline among such an amalgam of tools, which includes, for example, merchandising, POP, demonstrations and features, displays, make it very flexible. Giving out samples, particularly of food or vitamins givescustomers a taste of something they may not have known aboutbefore.

Although sales promotion is an important strategy for producing quick, short-term, positive results, it is not a cure for a bad product, poor advertising, or an inferior sales team.

Characteristics of sales promotion? Promotion is a form of communication with an additional element of persuasion to accept ideas, products, services and hence persuasive communication becomes the heart of promotion, the third element of marketing-mix.

In addition, sales promotion activities may bring several negative consequences, including "clutter" due to the number of competitive promotions.

Why companies use sales promotion?

What is the role of sales promotion in sales management? Sales promotions includeterms like buy one get one free or one-time only offer.

Chapter 18, Promotion Process, Sales Promotion and Publicity, Class Notes

Many people will not buy something that they have not first tried,this is where giving out samples can benefit a business. Promotion offers the communication of the benefits to consumers who buy a bundle of expectations to satisfy their economics, psycho-social wants and desires.

Advertising is often used in conjunction with a sales promotion as a means to get the promotional message out to the consumer. Special sales promotion measures include aligning the promotion tothe strategic objectives of the business. What are the negative effect of sales promotion on sales?

For example, a pizza shop may send out a direct mail flyer to households within 2 miles of their location. An example of a sale promotion is offering a discounted price for a limited time.

Sales promotions are designed to bring in customers during a shortperiod of time in order to boost sales. Nature and Characteristics of Promotion! After a consumer uses a coupon for the initial purchase of a product, the product must then take over and convince them to become repeat buyers.

Explicitly, the goal was that the marketing mix should be thought, planned, and managed strategically.

Then determine ifthe focus will be personal selling or dispersing advertisements. Although it may be rooted in the previous discussions involving compatibility of advertising and SP, the Integrated Marketing Communication IMC concept took root in the late s reinforcing the strategic orientation in the communication mix.

Basically there are two type of sales promotion strategy: What are the limitations of sales promotion? Promotion is responsible for awakening and stimulating consumer demand for a Product or Service.

An Initial sales promotion schedule is a schedule that a vendorsets up a schedule to introduce a new product to consumers orclients. Research the market where the product will be promoted and focusspecifically on a target group within the area.

While Nature of sales promotion in favour of promotion, it is taken, for granted that the product has the capacity to satisfy consumer expectations and can fill their wants and desires. It is also very important in any sales promotion to always include an expiration date.

Additionally, thebusiness must consider how the promotion will impact other areas ofthe business. Advertising and sales promotion strategies are used by product manufacturers as a means of getting consumers to take a specific action, such as purchasing a product.

To set up an initial sales promotion schedule goalswould be set for what should be achieved and then a target marketfor the product. If that person likesthe product, they may then decide to purchase it, which means thatthe free sample promoted a new sale.

The process of affirmation of this theoretical movement very likely gained robustness thanks to the intensity of the branding research stream that occurred throughout the s.

What are some examples of sales promotion? Consumers may wait to buy certain items knowing that prices will eventually be reduced, for example, while resellers have become experts at negotiating deals and manipulating competitors against one another.

Sale promotion is an important component of a small marketing stategy along with advertising ,public relations, and personall selling. New approaches are promptly cloned by competitors, as each marketer tries to be more creative, more attention getting, or more effective in attracting the attention of consumers and the trade.

What is sale promotion? Why give out samples to promote sales? First, the diversity and quantity of SP instruments make it feasible. Special sale promotion measures?

Strategic Vs Tactical Nature Of Sales Promotions

Promotion is an important marketing strategy and is the sparkplug of the marketing-mix. In a competitive market, without promotion, practically no sale is effected. Therefor marketer use sales promotion to increase sales volume in order to achieve targets.the nature and practice of sales promotion in nigeria by iheukwumere obi chinonyerem pg/mba/00/ submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of a postgraduate master of business administration (mba) degree in marketing faculty of business administration university of nigeria enugu campus, enugu.

Promotion: Nature and Characteristics of Promotion

Nature of Sales Promotion Encompasses all promotional activities and materials other than personal selling, advertising and publicity. Grown dramatically in the last ten years due to short term focus on profits.

Types of Sales of Promotion Essentially, sales promotions are categorized into three depending on the initiator and the target of the promotion.

These include: Consumer promotions Consumer promotion are those efforts aimed at influencing the trial consumer (Bamiduro, ). Strategic Versus Tactical Nature of Sales Promotions Strategic Versus Tactical Nature of Sales Promotions Introduction Sales promotions (SP) have been labeled almost exclusively as short-term and tactical instruments.

After presenting the main arguments sustaining that categorization, we discuss several SP characteristics evoking their. Nature Of Sales Promotion. SALES PROMOTION INTRODUCTION: The word Promotion, originates from the Latin word ‘Promovere’. The meaning is “to move forward” or “to push forward”.

The aim of production is sales. Sales and promotion are two different words and sales promotion is the combination of these two words.

Strategic Versus Tactical Nature of Sales Promot ions Before attitude formation commences, the way a consumer interprets a SP activity plays a fundamental role in the accep tance of that SP.

Nature of sales promotion
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