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So, what are money managers telling investors like you? Good to have you, Neil. The outflows that you mentioned earlier that have been coming out this year, actually are investors moving into international equity funds.

So, you look at 2 percent or less ten-year treasury.

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The case of a rate hike was never so solid that it could withstand a massive market plunge like this. The market, of course. What did today look like? He sees the selloff as an opportunity for investors.

The worst, Black Monday, October 19th,when stocks dropped more than 22 percent. But not everyone thinks the worst is over. Anxiety over a slowing growth in China and uncertainty over whether the Federal Reserve will raise rates are some of the reasons why investors are moving into treasuries.

The erosion in confidence could hurt housing as well, with uncertainty prompting some families not to take the plunge into a new home even though mortgage rates declined. Yes, a nearly 1,point move back up. Prices today continued to plunge. And being under contract, of course, while looking at your accounts, getting some losses or dealing with losses is certainly a challenge.

Sharon Epperson is back with us with a reality check. There are certain stocks that can look a bit more appealing to long-term investors during a major market pull back and they are dividend stocks.

But I think what people are losing the idea of what is happening out there is the economy is still growing at 2 percent. That story, straight ahead. This morning, several Dow bellwethers have given yields near and above 4 percent.

Does that part of the equation concern you at all? So did you add to stocks that you hold right now today? If you have a long-standing relationship with him or her, just listen to their advice. I think keeping a calm head is much better when you look at the stock markets.

The stock is now down about 20 percent from its recent high. We see the same patterns over and over. AAPL because the company generates 25 percent of its sales from there. And sometimes like the white knuckle nose-dive inthe economy just shrugs it off, but volatility like this can lead to a reduction in hiring.

WFC says its considering a similar move from a September call to spring ofas he goes increasingly worried about the real economic effects of the market meltdown on business.

That poll did find a little bit of panic, though. Things are going up and down. Tech is taking a beating. I think the money has been dumped into the market through the government and has been — has propped it up. Stocks fell back once again and by the close, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell points to 15, SO to build out its natural gas infrastructure and it will make the firm the second largest in the U.

Information presented on Nightly Business Report is not and should not be considered as investment advice. Have you seen that with the data with ICI?

What people are telling us here mirrors what we saw in a cnbc. The White House says the Treasury Department is closely monitoring the global financial markets.

Tyler Mathisen is off this evening. And now to the stock stories of the day.

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What do you expect to see over the next couple of days? And then if you want to talk to your financial adviser about whether your portfolio is properly allocated, do it then. These are crowded momentum stocks that have soared.this program was made possible by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you.

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PBS August 24, pmpm PDT A long-running weeknight business-news magazine that includes market reports, company information, CEO interviews and economic commentary. `NBR' began as a local broadcast in Miami inand when it went national inits roster of commentators included future Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan.

Take a look at the national media coverage driven by Gregory FCA during the week of August 24,for their financial services clients. NBR is the longest running business news report show on television. Some of the news stories aired on NBR have pertained to: the stock market opening and closing; new trends and patterns affecting local, national and global business; profiles of new start-ups.

Comptroller DiNapoli looks at foreclosure rates in NYS. Ed Farrell, executive director of the Retired Public Employees Association, explains how retiree.

Nightly business report august 24 2015 darkness
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