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Overall, I think the book showed a great journey of a young boy to find his family and a place to feel at home. Want to learn more about sales qualification? After many obstacles, he makes it to Grand Rapids Michigan where the man who he is convinced is his father lives and is still the leader of a band.

Allow me to introduce you to a concept I call "high-value questions. When Bud finally found the man he believed to be his father, I think the author explained their relationship Open ended questions for bud not an amazing way.

Start to pay attention to the questions you are asking your prospects, clients, and everyone else you encounter. It was originally published in February and has been updated for comprehensiveness. If you find yourself asking a closed-ended question, you can always open it up at the end.

If the story were to continue, what do you think would happen next? Bud Caldwell lives in an orphanage in Flint Michigan since his mother died when he was only six. In addition, asking your prospects and clients about value actually helps them reinforce it in their own minds. What challenges do you see in making this happen?

Naturally, the best high-value questions provide insight for all parties concerned. Did you just ask a closed-ended question when an open-ended question would have yielded more information for both parties? I have read about them before, but I thought that the moral of the characters and the description of the environment seemed accurate of how the "Hooverville" slums probably were.

I think the book did a good job of depicting the "Hooverville" town and environment. Bud, Not Buddy Summary: What are the top priorities in your business at the moment? The band agrees to let him live with them until they can figure something else out. Once he escapes the family that treats him badly, he goes on a mission to find his father-the man on the band flyers.

Here are some open-ended, high-value questions that reps can ask their prospects: He has never known his father but is convinced that he is the man whose picture is on band flyers that his mother always carried around. Maybe they grew up together?

Bud, Not Buddy

However, I began to suspect the truth about who the old man really was long before Bud figured out that he was really his grandfather. Your prospect or client clearly articulates their perception of the process, which helps you to get even clearer on your value.

Have some examples of open-ended questions in mind. How will you be measuring our success related to these outcomes? If you ask a close-ended question, follow it up with an open-ended one.

With technology, more available transportation, and the world not being in a depression. Why is Bud so self conscience about his name?

He is sent to live with a foster family during the summer only to have bad experiences there and escapes. He is determined and set on finding his father so he can find his family and find a place where he can be at home. Check out our comprehensive guide to sales qualification here.

At the beginning of the book, when Bud was sent to the foster family, I was reminded of the Harry Potter books and his family he was sent to when his parents died. Originally published Jan 15, 7: How do you think life may be different for Bud today? What opportunities do you see on your horizon?

The net result is you become more referable and earn the right to ask for referrals. However, Bud discovers pictures of his mother there and soon learns that the man he thinks is his father but is quite old is really his grandfather.

Where appropriate, start to turn some of your closed-ended questions into open-ended questions.

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The way they wrote about her, it seemed like she was a young woman, closer to the band mates age-not Herman E. One characteristic of most high-value questions is that they are open-ended instead of closed-ended.

Transform any question into an open-ended question.Jun 14,  · Bud, Not Buddy-by Christopher Paul Curtis Reading Response #13 Rachel A. Historic Fiction/Realistic Fiction Christopher Paul Curtis I will also include open ended discussion questions about the text that can be used in classroom or individual settings.

I will also post learning logs reviewing my assigned readings from. Open-ended questions are questions that allow someone to give a free-form answer. Closed-ended questions can be answered with “Yes” or “No,” or they have a limited set of possible answers (such as: A, B, C, or All of the Above).

This is a complete literature guide for Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis. It contains chapter questions, multiple choice quizzes. 15 totally open-ended interview questions Not all interview questions have one answer, in fact, most don’t. Monster Staff.

You’re sitting in a job interview prepared to speak to your qualifications, your resume and why you’d be a perfect fit for the open position. Then you get hit with the following.

Bud, Not Buddy Questions and Answers

Bud, Not Buddy is written in a digressive narrative structure. Does this style make the story seem more or less believable? Does this style make the story seem more or less believable?

Open-Ended Questions

How does it add to or take away from the central mystery of Bud's journey (finding his father)? Open-Ended Questions. The ability to ask open-ended questions is very important in many vocations, including education, counselling, mediation, sales, investigative work and journalism. An open-ended question is designed to encourage a full, meaningful answer using the subject's own knowledge and/or feelings.

Open ended questions for bud not
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