Post office business plan examples

With the current failure rate of new business in the marketplace, the percentage of success stories lies within franchising. One of our main goals is to supply absolutely the highest quality, most accommodating service money can buy.

After looking at many different franchise opportunities, we decided to pursue an EPC franchise for many different reasons. The local merchant needing to package and ship post office business plan examples merchandise across the country, to a family member sending grandparents homemade cookies.

All this information was gathered through many phone conversations with different EPC store within Colorado and Michigan. The overwhelming support and guidance offered through a franchise assures us of a strong foothold in the business community. In recent years, many Fortune companies have undergone aggressive down-sizing programs.

Competition in the area consist of the local UPS office located on M These hours will adjusted as the community dictates a Deed.

The Post Office has very limited on street parking and is difficult to get to through downtown traffic. One of the owners will be in the Center at all times.

The most recently available traffic count going directly past the Center as recorded, by the State of Michigan shows 28, vehicles in24, vehicles inwith an average of 3 passengers per vehicle. Possible expansion to m multiple Center locations will be scheduled to take place during year four in The Northern Michigan region.

There is overwhelming support received from not only the franchise organization itself, but the professional, committed owners of other Centers, all networked via state of the art computer programs, hardware and software. All of this, combined with extended hours of operation, location, and the professional staff that will be employed will maximize the earning potential of this business venture MANAGEMENT The combined experience and personalities of Jack and Gayle Hall are a perfect fit for this business.

For local marketing, we will be using the Yellow Pages as well as being supplied with professional print, radio and television advertising to be used at the local level.

Post Office e Business Plan Specialists

Location being of utmost importance, this is an easily accessible location with very strong visibility from both directions on Bellevue Street. She also has-a very outgoing personality with the warmth of a small town atmosphere. Business hours for the Center will be Monday through Friday from a 8: The future growth patterns have been aggressively set while continuing to maintain a top-rated standard of excellence and providing overwhelmingly good service.

In doing so, the disbursement of the virtual office has considerable increased the need for services of offered though businesses such as the EPC Centers. These services will cater to all individuals; no one is excluded. This industry provides support services that business people need and have some to rely on in an office atmosphere.

The business venture itself will be organized under a Limited Liability Corporation to incorporate the tax advantages. The county is a four-season vacation area offering numerous attractions as well as long-standing permanent summer residents.

We are very excited about this location and the incredible potential it presents. Service is what a customer should expect and will receive.

Greenbriar County is a diversified economic development that includes industry, specialty shopping, health care, education, and other services.

According to the most recent census Greenbriar and Charleston counties have a combined population of 52, The training received through the franchise organization includes operating procedures, profit center development, advertising, marketing and management.

As a franchise owner, we will benefit from a national network television advertising program designed to increase awareness of the EPC name and services that helps drive business into the Center. Express Postal Center is a service franchise with locations throughout the United States and internationally.

This business is not seasonal, but operates on a consistent year-round basis with hectic holiday peaks, such as a retail outlet. This site is centrally located in the heart of the Anniston, bordered on both the south and the north side by a shopping centers.

They were ranked in the top quartile in the Businesss Gold as of Every business need can be accomplished through the Center. This is considered competitive only for rural traffic. While it may be slightly less expensive to go to the local UPS office or Post office, it has been proven that the average individual will spend a little more money for the conveniences provided in one location.

Projected opening date for this store is April 1, In addition, Jack brings a wealth of knowledge about business machine service and maintenance. A business person can run their business from the Center. There arc 25 parking spaces 13 in the front of the building and an additional 12 in the rear of the buildingwith additional parking available on the street.

The services offered will be promoted through a comprehensive national television advertising program provided through the franchise organization, additional local cable t. The targeted customers are likely to utilize the Center because of the numerous professional services offered and the outstanding quality of service received.1 April 16, Business Environment This U.S.

Postal Service (USPS) business plan (“Business Plan”) is designed to communicate to key stakeholders the vital role that the USPS plays in the U.S. economy. The Isle of Man Post Office is a Statutory Board whose business is to function as the public postal operator of the Isle of Man.

Isle of Man Post, through its day to day activities, continues to contribute to the Isle of Man. Get your business plan done today! Avoid the dreaded ‘Blank Page Syndrome’ and do the smart thing by starting your plan with one that’s almost complete.

The Post Office business plan is a 15 page business plan written for an actual Australian Post Office applying for bank finance. Post Office Business Plan.

Let help you take advantage of that once in a lifetime Opportunity! We know exactly what Post Office Ltd need to understand about your Business Plan. Our tailored Post Office Business Plan service will ensure your application complies to all Post Office requirements.

business with a Post Office. You should seek independent advice from qualified and experienced organisations that specialise in retail businesses. 1.

Introduction The following information gives some tips and advice relating to the purchase or setting up of a Post Office and Retail business. How do you create a business plan that will work for you? Our guide can get you started. You might be looking for investment, or sketching out your business’s development.

Post office business plan examples
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