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Case Study Analysis of Robin Hood

Continuing growing and improving our organization? This recommendation, along with the previous recommendation, could also help Robin Hood to control the environment for structuring and developing a better strategic plan. Yet another recommendation would be to develop a new management team of Lieutenants and Sergeants.

The Merrymen would be leader-less so they would either crumble and everything would go back to the way it was before or they could revolt. The company will achieve this by: Meanwhile, his activities remained provincial.

Of course, this opportunity for expansion comes also with a corresponding risk: Robin has to consider other strategies to remove the sheriff from office. If committed team of leaders existed, the organization can create a formal strategic planning process.

Once he is brought down then they could restore the throne to Kind Richard and he will take care of the sheriff and restore order to Nottingham. The Merrymen could be so upset about the death of Robin that they could revolt against the sheriff and Prince John and take back order and restore the throne to King Richard.

This approach will examine the following four objectives: By default, Robin leads his growing band. Specifically, Robin must target those provinces that the sheriff has no close alliance with.

The first recommendation is Robin Hood must change his leadership style. Finally, Robin should settle outside of Nottingham and set-up legitimate operations in the area of a baron he has allied with.

His authoritative style caused a lot confusion within the organization. Issues within the Organization The Robin Hood case study had numerous issues within his organization. The last objective is innovation. Robin wanted the Sheriff of Notthingham removed from office. Once this is accomplished instead of joining the conspiracy to free King Richard just go straight after the source Prince John.

Organization cannot afford to rest on their success; they need to continually build on their competitive advantages to remain ahead in the rat race and save themselves from being put out business. This is basically increasing the revenue stream while rigidly controlling expenses.

What happens if Robin does not try? First, Robin Hood made all the decisions, which caused chaos within the organization. When an organization correctly assesses its strategy in the marketplace, the opportunities for growth is enhanced. This combination will help Robin Hood bridge the gap between the different operations.

The major symptoms of this major problem are: Even though the Sheriff has his own competitive advantage of having political connections, I am optimistic enough to believe that this joint venture could prove cost-effective for both organizations.

In the long run, the organization can reduce the labor risks of the organization.

Robin Hood Case Study

So I suggest that Robin coordinates with Little John and Millers son to bring these things up and to make the group into a well-disciplined and trained organization. They rob from the rich and give to the poor.

In this case, Robin cannot afford to antagonize other sheriffs or even the regent by operating beyond the boundaries of Nottingham.

Robin started to provide customer service to the people by looking after their welfare and fighting the injustice that had been imposed by the Sheriff of Nottingham. Strategic planning is very critical to organizations because strategies are the basis for the development of a working business process.

The company will live up to the commitment by fighting injustice. Robin Hood needs to improve the financial performance within the organization by demanding quantifiable results. What happens if he tries and fails? In this case, the rapid organizational growth is but a minor symptom, a problem in operations.

This should be his long term strategy. The vision of the company is to lead the way to a healthier world. All of these major symptoms are external. He also needs to: The establishment of teams will enhance the growth prospects and promote unique collaboration that may not have otherwise existed.Essay on Robin Hood Case Study; Essay on Robin Hood Case Study.

Words 6 Pages. Robin and the Merrymen is a company who are in business to steal from the rich and give to the poor. The organization had begun as a personal interest to Robin, and has grown with allies and new recruits to become a very large organization.

Robin Hood Case. Essay on Robin Hood Case Study Words | 6 Pages.

Robin and the Merrymen is a company who are in business to steal from the rich and give to the poor. Running Head: ROBIN HOOD CASE STUDY University of Maryland University College Analysis of the Robin Hood Case Study Introduction This paper will identify Robin Hood’s organizational strategy by using the Balanced Scoreboard approach, based on the framework of performance measurement.

Robin Hood Case Study Essay - What Should Robin Hood Do. There are several issues Robin Hood needs to consider. First, Robin Hood needs to make sure his own personal grievances against the Sheriff do not cloud his vision and what is in the best interest of his Merrymen as a group.

Second, take a broad look at the overall. Robin Hood Case Study 1. Robin Hood’s problems are that the tide of events is turning against him and his men.

He needs to make some serious decisions and some adjustments to adapt to these new events. Case study. According to this case, there are mainly two threatens for Robin Hood.

The first one came from the internal factors. Even though the Merrymen was stronger than before, it became the band that lack of discipline and hard to be controlled.

Robin hood case study essay
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