Short biographies of various american poets and authors

Famous works include the epic novels — War and Peace and Anna Karenina Awarded Nobel Prize for Literature for his work — Gitanjali. Samuel Taylor Coleridge — English romantic poet. Crapsey is not much remembered now, but she left one important poetic legacy: He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in Ransome is also deeply interested in folktales, particularly African American stories and their origins in African storytelling traditions.

Marcel Proust — French author. Wodehouse — English comic writer. Freedman is an American biogapher and the author of nearly 50 books for young people. See our pick of the best poetry anthologies here.

In A Pride of African Tales, Ransome contributes richly colored watercolors to illustrate a classic trickster tale, cautionary tale, fable, pourquoi story, and more.

Pearsall inWikimedia Commons. Albert Camus — — French author, journalist, and philosopher. Emily Bronte — English novelist.

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Scott Fitzgerald — American author. Fyodor Dostoevsky Russian novelist, journalist and philosopher. Vladimir Nabokov — Russian author of Lolita and Pale Fire Barbara Cartland — One of most prolific and best selling authors of the romantic fiction genre.

Some suggest she has sold over 2 billion copies worldwide. Agatha Christie — British fictional crime writer. A rich collection of online sources for teachers, from Larry Ferlazzo. This list is intended to help long-time readers, as well as newcomers alike with discovering and rediscovering some of the best biographers of all time.

Also wrote Areopagitica in defence of free speech. Emily Bronte is best known for her novel Wuthering Heightsand her poetry. James Joyce — Irish writer from Dublin. Children learn the true value of print when they document the oral histories of the elders in their town.

All types of biographers have been listed including presidential biographers, historic biographers, and those who write non-fiction about Hollywood celebrities. One of the best selling authors of modern times.

20 Iconic American Writers

Plato referred to Sappho as one of the great ten poets. Charles Dickens — — English writer and social critic. Shakespeare is widely considered the seminal writer of the English language.

Also hand-painted many of his works. He was born at Hostilia, a village in Cisalpine Gaul not far from Verona. His works combine elements of magic realism, satire and historical fiction — often based on Indian sub-continent.

Levick is a British historian, specializing in ancient history. Best known for his humorous and satirical stories about the English upper classes, such as Jeeves and Wooster and Blandings Castle.

He is an occasional columnist for the R Martin — American author of epic fantasy series — A Song of Ice and Fire, — his international best-selling series of fantasy, adapted for the screen as a Game of Thrones. Salman Rushdie — Anglo-Indian author. One of the most popular authors of s.

And yet we include the former and not the latter. Features female Prime Ministers, scientists, cultural figures, authors and royalty. Truman and Lyndon B.A Collection of Short Poems by Various Poets and Writers.

Famous Writers

Christmas Poems by various poets and authors Short poems by African-American poets Easter Poems and Prose Short poems and sonnets by Elizabeth Barrett Browning Short poems by Robert Browning.

The best short poems by American poets In the past, we’ve offered a crash course in Victorian poetry by choosing ten incredibly short poems by Victorian writers, as a sort of ‘taste test’ for the style and themes of Victorian verse.

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10 Very Short American Poems Everyone Should Read. Sep Posted by interestingliterature.

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The best. Well over ten thousand poets and writers maintain listings in this essential resource for writers interested in connecting with their peers, as well as editors, agents, and reading series coordinators looking for authors.

Home American Icons 20 Iconic American Writers. 20 Iconic American Writers. American Icons, People One of the nation’s most prolific poets, Dickinson wrote nearly 1, poems while leading a reclusive life at her family’s home in Amherst, Mass.

Few of Dickinson’s poems about art, gardens, joy, love, death and grief were published. A list of famous biographers who have documented the lives of some of the most important people of all time.

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Biographies of famous writers, authors, poets and playwrights. From Homer to Shakespeare and modern authors, such as Orwell, Jane Austen, ultimedescente.comg.

Short biographies of various american poets and authors
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